What is good design?

In advertising, architecture, and in consumer goods. It must be clear and understandable.

Good design should: be innovative, make a product useful,  be aesthetic design,  make a product understandable, be honest, be un-obstructive, be long-lived, be consistent in every detail, be environmentally friendly, and be as little design as possible.

Jonathan Ive: "You're constantly designing" look to different attributes of the product include the materials that it is made out of. Physically how you connect to the displays. It's so simple that it feels like it should be that way.

In the movie Objectified I loved the interaction experience of trial and error. Constantly looking at an object or idea from different points of view and using a trial and error process to see what design "fits" the objects purpose. This interaction with objects is an electrifying part about design that I love. 

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