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Well ladies and gents I'm back!

I think blogging will probably be something that will be profoundly become more current on my website more than it was last year, so cheers to this New Year and more blogging! 

An update from the designer herself:

It currently has been 1 month since I graduated from California State University of San Bernardino (WOOP!) and looking for jobs has been a whirlwind in itself but more difficult on actually applying for jobs rather than finding them. "Why you ask?" Well more of the reason is because I've been getting more freelance designing jobs which has been a joy in itself. 

Just keeping my head held high, and applying to places to see where God leads me to.

What I'm learning:

Getting my feet wet with some Javascript and Ruby. Making sure that I'm brushing up on my HTML and CSS as well. The program Sketch has sparked my interest as well as motion graphics in After Effects. So outside of school I've been pushing the learning bar quite a bit! 

Stay tuned for more exciting blogs on Art, Designers, Design Trends, Upcoming Music, Sports, Fashion and Technology.

-Yours Truly,


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